Hawaiʻi Cannabis Farm Tours

Safe, Private, Educational and Fun Marijuana / Cannabis Farm Tours in Hawaii.

Hawaii Island is a great place to visit and you’ll love sharing time with local growers. Our licensed Medical Cannabis farms present a great opportunity to learn and share Cannabis growing knowledge across many climates.

Out of State Residents
For the best Hawaii Cannabis experience, get your Hawaii state medical Cannabis license (329 card) so you can shop in our dispensaries and trade with other licensed patients in Hawaii. We have protections in our law for people near Cannabis plants. But a license make everyone feel more comfortable.

On our tours, you’ll meet and learn from some of Hawaii’s top growers and gain fresh insights into medical marijuana operations in Hawaii. You’ll get insights into local medical Cannabis and Hemp cultivation and processing.

Cannabis Farm Tours

Each tour provides an in-depth look into the cultivation and processing efforts of medical marijuana growers in Hawaii.

Our tours are educational and available in multiple lengths and formats. Non-smokers and smokers are welcome. We are customer service focused. Please let us know if you have any special needs.

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Links and more information for travelers seeking a pre-travel test and a list of approved trusted testing partners can be found at HawaiiCovid19.com.