Farm Application

Is your farm or garden ready for tour guests?

Safety Is Number One
We’re following Covid guidelines and proclamations.  We carry everything with us protocols to help our visitors stay and feel safe. 

What We Do
We take out of state visitors on tours of hemp farms and patient grow sites. We provide all transportation and equipment including gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. We bring a cooler of drinks and snacks. For some tours we provide a healthy lunch. 

What We Don’t Do
We don’t break or bend any laws, rules or regulations. We don’t sell anything but merchandise and tour tickets.

About The Grow Sites
From large hemp farms to small backyard gardens, we serve a varied audience with varied interests. Grow sites vary greatly in size, environment, surroundings and number and strains of plants . We like farms with a sitting area for our guests, out of the Sun and rain. At this time we are only visiting outdoor grow sites. 

Licensing Requirements
Please have the right licenses for hemp and or Cannabis before applying. We will sign and agreement with the licensed property owner. We have an insurance policy but it does not cover your farm. Our guests sign liability waivers before arrival to help protect everyone. 

We need a safe place to park with at least 5 feet of clearance on all sides of the tour van. ADA compliance is not necessary at every farm but we do favor accessible operations who support persons with disabilities.

Organic Required for Medical Cannabis Grow Sites
Certified Organic is not required. We promote organic and natural farming techniques. If your farm or garden is growing in toxic soils or toxic environmental conditions we likely won’t bring guests to your place.  

How to Get Started
Fill out the form at right. We’ll review your application and set a time to meet with you at your farm.