Frequently Asked Questions – Cannabis Tours

Will we be taking a tour of a legal pot farm?
Yes. See Hawaii Medical Cannabis State Department of Health Resources

What Should We Bring with Us on the farm tour?
In the Winter months we recommend bringing a water-friendly sweater or light jacket. The environment changes quickly here.

Is food provided or should we eat first?
Unless you have prearranged a custom tour that includes an awesome organic meal, you may want to eat before or after your tour. We have a few nearby restaurants we can recommend and give driving directions. We’ll pick up the food if you would like to plan a custom tour. We can grab some super tasty, locally sourced and prepared farm to table lunch. We have plenty drinking water and some very special teas.

Are cameras allowed? Can we take photos?
Yes. You’re also invited to freely share your photos and see photos other visitors have taken by using the #hawaiipottours tag on your favorite social media site.

Where can I find a weed farm in Hawaii?
Everywhere! Cannabis is being grown all around the islands. On Hawaii Island most Cannabis is grown in the Puna district. Most folks haven’t started doing tours. We’re encouraging others. We are in upper Puna next to the Wao O Kele O Puna Forest Reserve. We wouldn’t really say we have marijuana farms since the word farm implies a large operation or “sea of green”. This doesn’t exist in Hawaii outside of our hemp farms. Ask us if you’re interested in visiting a hemp farm.  Marijuana Farms Near Me

Who Are We?
Servants of the Cannabis plant. Individuals doing what we love and taking time to share with others. We provide complete services to patients seeking help with any Cannabis-treatable disease. We grow, harvest, process and share with licensed patients. As early dispensary co-founders we seek to help others conduct Cannabusiness at all stages of growth. We formed the Hawaii Cannabis Organization in 2014 to focus purely on medicine. Today we live and breathe Hawaii Cannabis. We use this website as a way to reach, engage and connect with other lovers of the Cannabis plant. We welcome everyone interested in Cannabis with open arms and hearts. Hope to see you soon!